Attila Kasvinszki

I would like to make this movie to show social criticism through a few people’s relations. 

If people tried to find the solution in themselves, and instead of looking for enemies and negativity, they searched for friends and goodness, many of our problems would not be there. If they weren’t take their anger and frustration out on others, but they tried to understand the real causes, wars would not exist. Being a parasite in human relations, in politics, in the connection of countries and continents creates serious tension. If we think it through the point becomes clear. Love others, don’t feed your fury, feed the beauty, the good and the love. Accept that we don’t live to hate, but to love. Enmity, killing for profit or asserting our toughness and strength are just fake macho attitudes. The weak’s show of power. Openness and love is the real power, doesn’t matter who you are.